HCG drops: lose weight rapidly and keep it off

So you’re probably reading this because you want to lose weight. You’ve had enough of fad diets that simply don’t work and you’re ready to take control of your weight loss destiny. You want a diet that facilitates rapid weight loss but where you won’t regain the weight straightaway.

You’ve probably heard about HCG diet drops but want to know more. Well, here’s the thing: real hcg drops can help you lose weight quickly: up to ONE POUND PER DAY. What’s more, this is fat loss, not muscle loss. You’ll lose the inches as well as the pounds. You won’t end up with saggy bags of skin.

The hcg diet doesn’t require you to begin a serious exercise regimen, and you won’t find yourself feeling hungry. So if you want to change your body shape and find a diet that really works for you, keep reading.

Thing is, you’ve probably read plenty of claims about other diet plans, all of which make them sound like a life-changing experience. So what makes the hcg diet drops different? First, HCG targets body fat. It burns the fat from those places where you think the fat is lodged forever without wasting muscle. Second, the hcg drops are a natural product based on a human hormone. And real hcg drops also suppress your appetite.

The Diet that Really Works!

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So how does the HCG diet work?

The important thing about the HCG diet is that it combines daily drops with a strict 500-calorie diet. Now, you might be thinking “that cannot be healthy – my body will shut down consuming such little food,” but actually you won’t be living on only 500 calories a day: the HCG drops allow your brain to target the fat reserves your body has built up, using them for energy and the nourishment your body needs.

What is HCG? – The Science Bit

HCG is an acronym for human chorionic gonadotropin: a naturally occurring hormone. There are lots of things HCG can do, but its effectiveness as a weight-loss aid is all to do with its role during pregnancy.

When a mother-to-be becomes pregnant, her levels of HCG rise, which helps her body provide for herself and her unborn baby by mobilizing fat and making it available to be used as energy by mum and fetus.

HCG works by activating the hypothalamus into releasing your fat reserves. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that controls hunger, as well as body temperature and other processes such as sleep cycles.

What happens on the HCG diet

You can start your HCG diet plan whenever you like. Some people like to do a colon cleanse before they begin, but it’s not essential. It might be a good idea if your regular diet contains a lot of processed foods, but as we say, it’s not vital.

The next thing you need to do is read an HCG diet protocol. Real hcg drops work only alongside a strict diet. You’ll most likely take real HCG drops for 23 days. Check the label on your chosen brand for the exact dose. For the first two days of the protocol, you’ll take your drops but also eat as much fatty food as you can. This is called the “loading phase” and prepares your body’s fat stores for the upcoming 500-calorie regime. By “fatty food”, we mean ideally organic, unprocessed, high-fat wholefoods.

Phase two of the diet is slightly tougher, but it’s the discipline of this phase that will bring amazing weight-loss results. You’ll need to follow some strict rules. For best results study an HCG diet protocol online. But checking the scales every day will reveal you’re losing around 1lb each day. You’ll be drinking lots of water every day too. The “final push” in this part of the diet sees two final days at 500 calories without hcg drops (because HCG remains in your system for a couple days).


During phase three, you’re working to maintain your new weight, which means avoiding starchy and sugary foods for a further three weeks. You won’t be taking real hcg drops during this part of the diet. Check food labels for words like “molasses” “agave nectar” and “corn meal” as well as the obvious “sugar” and “starch”.

And then you’re into the home straight: phase four. You maybe think of it as “the rest of your life”. Following a diet using the best hcg drops will teach you to rethink your attitude to food, hunger and portion size. Your cravings for the “bad” food you used to love will have subsided. Work carefully to re-introduce selected sugar and starch into your diet a little at a time. Your time on the 500-calorie plan will help you make healthy food selections for the rest of your life.


Are there any side effects?

Something that works this well as a weight-loss aid is surely too good to be true, right? Well, if you look around the internet you’ll read hundreds of testimonials from successful HCG dieters who have lost weight and kept it off.

Mild hcg drops side effects include headaches, but these are often a result of no longer eating certain sugars and starches rather than the HCG itself. Obviously, like any other diet plan, it’s wise to talk to your physician before you begin. Also if you suffer from thyroid issues, HCG might not be the best diet plan for you. And of course if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding it’s not advisable to begin a strict diet plan.

Buy HCG drops

It’s sad but true that when a diet product attracts a lot of publicity (you may have seen the HCG diet on Doctor Oz), unscrupulous traders on the internet will try to make a quick buck from a weight loss aid’s popularity by selling low-quality, substandard versions. Check before you click that you can see the ingredients label of the product you want and read reviews.