HCG Diet Plan

How does the HCG diet work?

The really important thing to remember about the HCG diet plan is that it’s not just about HCG diet drops: you need to follow a very low calorie diet plan too. The HCG drops are vital because if you simply followed an ultra low calorie diet, your body would not react well: you would lose important energy. HCG diet drops allow your body to use its fat reserves to fill the energy shortfall of a very low calorie diet. This way the HCG diet targets fat rather than muscle as you lose weight. Following the HCG diet can lead to weight loss of as much as 1lb a day. The HCG diet also re-educates you about portion size and helps you beat food cravings.


HCG itself is a naturally occurring hormone that is present in increased quantities during pregnancy, allowing a mother-to-be to use her fat stores to provide energy for herself and her growing fetus. HCG tells the hypothalamus in your brain to mobilise fat stores in order to provide energy.


So the success of the HCG diet is down to its combination of hormone drops and a low calorie diet. There are strict rules about the very low calorie diet, and it’s essential that these are followed in order to ensure dramatic weight loss.


When you buy hcg diet drops, you’ll sometime see a diet protocol attached that you can download. If your chosen brand doesn’t offer a diet protocol, you can research them on the internet. Among the most popular are written by Dr Simeons (the original HCG diet plan) and Dr Sheri Emma (as featured on TV’s Doctor Oz).

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from your HCG diet protocol. As we said, you should research a complete protocol but this is the shape you can expect it to take. You’ll typically find your HCG diet drops program lasts 21-23 days, with the diet itself lasting around six weeks.


HCG dietIf you want to do a colon cleanse before starting the HCG diet, that’s OK, particularly if your diet up until now has relied on processed foods.


Phase one is the “loading phase”. You begin to take your real hcg drops, but for two days you eat lots of high-fat foods too. Ideally these are organic, unprocessed wholefoods. The reason for the “loading phase” is to boost your fat stores before the hcg starts its work on your abnormal fat stores.


Phase two begins after this two-day period, and this is the toughest part of the diet but it is the section of the plan that will bring about rapid weight loss. You follow a strict 500-calorie diet alongside your HCG drops. You can and should, however, drink up to two litres of water per day.


Here’s a taste of what you can expect each day. For breakfast you can have unsweetened tea or coffee, but you’re only allowed one tablespoon of milk in any 24-hour period. For lunch and tea, choose from 100g (weigh it raw) fat-free meat – for example, beef, veal, white fish, chicken breast, crab or shrimp – cooked without fat. With this you can have one vegetable from a list including tomato, chard, asparagus, green salad and cucumbers (once again, consult your protocol for the exhaustive list of options). You can also have a single breadstick or melba toast and a piece of fruit from a strict selection. Your third daily meal follows the same pattern as lunch.


If you’re worried about feeling hungry or exhausted during this part of the diet, don’t forget that the HCG drops will help you overcome this by curbing hunger pangs and helping your body to mobilise its existing fat stores in order to provide daily energy levels.


Some HCG dieters are also concerned that their food will taste really bland without oil or fat-based seasonings. There are plenty of permitted seasonings on the HCG diet, including lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper.


And of course for some dieters there’s a big fear of preparing your own food! But many companies provide specially prepared HCG diet recipes, and the internet is packed with easy-to-follow recipes.


When you have finished your course of HCG drops (around 23 days), spend another 48 hours eating only 500 calories per day. You’ll still have HCG in your system – and you’ll have lost weight too.


Phase three of the HCG diet is all about maintenance of your new weight. Dono-sugar this by avoiding foods containing starch and sugar. As well as the obvious culprits such as wheat, flour, bread, pasta and corn, remember that some fruits are high in starch too. To avoid sugar, check food packaging for words including “molasses” and “fructose”. If you find you’re gaining weight, you can try the “steak day” fix, in which you only consume fluids during the day and for your evening meal have a steak with a tomato or an apple. Only try this for one day, though.


And finally you reach the final phase: the rest of your life. On the HCG diet you’ll have learned so much about your body and the size of portions you can comfortably eat. Don’t go on a crazy food binge; instead very gradually re-introduce the sugars and starches you’ve avoided.


Your attitude to food will have changed when you complete the HCG diet, but the most noticeable difference in HCG dieters is the change in body shape. By targeting fat instead of muscle, you can lose weight from the areas traditional diets often don’t reach.


So let’s recap: the HCG diet plan can result in dramatic weight loss from your body’s fat stores instead of its muscles. You must follow a diet protocol alongside taking the HCG drops, but these protocols are not as daunting as they seem; there are several available on the internet and you can also buy specially prepared foods.

What is HCG?

So much has been written about the HCG diet, discussing its effectiveness, its controversially low calorific intake and the extraordinary levels of weight that can be lost on it. While you will read many testimonials from those who have successfully shed the pounds after following the HCG diet, it’s also important to find out a bit more about what HCG actually is and does.


At the heart of the HCG weight loss diet is HCG itself: human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone produced naturally by our bodies but on the HCG diet it works to change and curb our hunger patterns.


HCG has many functions but its powers in this diet are perhaps most closely related to its occurrence during pregnancy. HCG is present in pregnant women – actually, it’s the hormone detected by pregnancy tests – and is vital to mothers-to-be because it helps the body mobilise fat and make it available to be used as energy for mum and growing baby.


The HCG diet harnesses this power. A combination of small doses of the hormone each day and a strict, very low calorie diet can lead to noticeable, dramatic, sustainable weight loss. A crash diet alone would cause you to drop the pounds, but this could also lead to a dangerous loss in muscle. The HCG diet facilitates rapid fat-burning in certain fat storage areas because it activates the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls hunger and body temperature, among other processes) into releasing abnormal fat reserves. Your body then uses these fat reserves for energy and nourishment.


So yes, you’re eating a lot less than you’re used to, but the extra HCG your body receives is also telling your brain to use up those fat reserves. That’ll be the same fat reserves ignored by traditional dieting – the “hard to shift” areas that can knock your dieting confidence when they don’t deplete, despite your best weight-loss efforts.


Basically, it’s the HCG that allows you to live a normal life despite the dramatic reduction in the calories youHCG EZ DROPS consume. If you take HCG alongside your normal diet, you probably won’t see any change. The HCG and low-cal combination brings about the weight loss.


The low-calorie phase of the HCG diet also re-educates your brain regarding portion control. So many of us become frustrated with dieting because we simply aren’t used to regulating the amount of food we consume. But having followed the strictly limited HCG diet, when you return to “normal eating”, you’ll find that your attitude to acceptable portion size may well have changed.


You can take HCG in many ways, but perhaps the most widely used method is oral drops. Drops are widely available, convenient and easy to take. Make sure you can see the ingredients before you buy your drops: look for amino acids (maybe L-Carnitine, L-Ornithin and Beta Alanine, among others) alongside vitamins, nutrients and water (to help absorption of the drops in your bloodstream).


HCG Weight Loss

At last, a diet where you can lose up to 1lb per day – and keep it off

The HCG diet (human chorionic gonadotropin) is pretty hot news in the weight-loss world right now. Daily talk shows (including Doctor Oz) have talked about this amazing diet plan – why? Because it can really help shift those stubborn pounds. Where other diets fail to target fat, hcg drops help your body to rethink your approach to eating.

How much weight can I lose on the HCG diet? Is it safe?

Taking HCG diet drops and following the strict diet protocol, you can actually lose significant, noticeable amounts of weight over the six or so weeks of the plan. Satisfied HCG dieters report losses of several pounds per week – a dramatic change. The HCG diet plan combines doses of hcg diet drops with a diet plan where you’re only allowed to consume 500 calories a day. That might sound extreme, but taking the hcg drops means you can embark on a restricted-calorie plan without your body shutting down.

The other significant factor about hcg diet drops is that you’ll lose fat rather than muscle. Crash-diet plans can be dangerous because they cause muscle loss, but real HCG drops will target your fat stores. These are the areas where hard-to-shift fat accumulates: the places on your body that cause you to lose dieting confidence when the pounds simply won’t shift.

How does hcg weight loss work? 

HCG is a naturally produced human hormone. It’s present in increased quantities in the bodies of pregnant women because it allows the mom-to-be to mobilize her fat stores to ensure that her growing fetus gets adequate nourishment. And this is how it works as a weight-loss facilitator: it tells your hypothalamus to access existing fat stores and use those for daily energy. You take pure HCG drops daily alongside a 500-calorie daily diet for 23 days (sometimes more, depending on the brand you choose). It’s tough to stick to a diet plan this strict, but the HCG drops stop your body from reacting badly to a lessening in daily calories because they train your brain to get body energy from your fat stores, therefore not leading to a loss in muscle or pockets of saggy skin.


This sounds tough, but worth it in the end. Do HCG dieters keep the weight off?


HCG diet drops provide those who want to lose weight with an effective method of shifting stubborn pounds and losing inches. Drops are a convenient method of taking HCG: you don’t need medical expertise or special apparatus to take them. But the future impact of the HCG diet might be its most effective element: following a 500-calorie diet plan (and immediately after this cutting out sugars and starches from your diet for a further three weeks) re-educates you about adequate portion size, and helps you beat cravings for high-sugar processed foods, setting you on a path to sensible, successful eating that you can follow for the rest of your life.


HCG diet drops reviews

Before you commit to spending money on any diet product, it’s important to research carefully and find out as much as you can about your chosen weight-loss aid. The key things to remember about hcg diet drops are that:

  • they are based on a naturally occurring human hormone,
  • they can help you lose weight dramatically (up to 1lb a day)
  • and they help you beat cravings and teach you to rethink your attitudes to portion size.

When you embark on an HCG diet plan, you know that it will fit into your busy modern lifestyle because it doesn’t require you to start an intensive exercise regimen, you can carry hcg drops with you and you don’t need medical expertise to take them.

HGC reviews: check before you buy

The dramatic weight-loss you can achieve on the hcg plan has of course attracted a lot of publicity. Unfortunately, this means that there are some unlicensed traders on the internet hoping to cash in on the popularity of hcg diet drops. Check carefully before you buy: can you see the ingredients label? You may be able to identify amino acids including L-Carnitine and Beta Alanine and inactive ingredients that help absorption of the HCG into your bloodstream, including water and grain alcohol.

What should you do before starting an hcg diet?

Obviously it’s a good idea to read hcg reviews. Also it’s wise to consult your physician, as you would if you were embarking on any diet plan. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you shouldn’t take part in an hcg diet plan. Also be aware that it may not be suitable for people who suffer from an overactive thyroid.

Remember too that HCG diet drops are so effective as a weight-loss aid because you use them alongside a strict diet protocol, during which your calorific intake is limited to 500 per day. HCG drops work by suppressing hunger and sending messages to your hypothalamus so your body plunders existing fat stores for its nutritional and energy needs. This means you lose fat rather than muscle and the drops stop your body from reacting badly to a dramatic reduction in its daily calories.

HCG drops reviews

Here’s what some HCG users have said about hcg diet drops and the hcg diet

“I was skeptical about hcg because i’ve tried like a hundred diets already. But I was desperate to lose 40 pounds i gained during pregnancy so I ordered HCG drops. Starting the 500-calorie diet I thought I’d feel nauseated or fatigued but i was fine. After three weeks, I’ve actually lost 18lbs which I’m so proud of. The other thing is now I’m thinking more about the size of what I eat and what I’m actually eating each meal so I think that’s good news for the future.” Lisa

“I had to write you because I’m on day five of my HCG diet and I already lost 6lbs. This is amazing. My friends ask me if I’m tired because I’m not eating so much but actually I feel really energized. I can’t wait to see what happens at the end of the plan.” Sheree

HCG Drops Side Effects

The HCG diet has taken the dieting world by storm with its dramatic yet sustainable weight loss plan based on the properties of a naturally occurring hormone. HGC (human chorionic gonadotropin) has may uses, but its key role in weight loss comes from its function during pregnancy. Increased levels of HCG are what trigger pregnancy tests, and the hormone in moms-to-be allows the pregnant woman to provide nutrition for herself and her fetus by using existing fat stores. On the diet plan, HCG drops send messages to the brain’s hypothalamus that cause the body to find energy from fat reserves.

But the HCG diet isn’t just about taking hormone drops. In order to achieve weight loss (up to 1lb a day in some cases) HCG diet drops are taken alongside a strict, 500-calorie diet. This diet is based on a series of rules that must be followed to ensure success, but once those rules have been studied they are straightforward.

Basically, on the HCG diet you only consume 500 calories, but your body makes up the difference in energy by using existing fat stores. This way, your weight drops dramatically but you lose fat, not muscle. The HCG allows your body to carry on functioning even though it’s only taking in 500 calories a day because it’s using abnormal fat reserves.

The Diet that Really Works with No Major Side Effects!

Join the hundreds of happy people who have successfully achieved dreams with the HCG Diet!


You lose weight but not muscle, and your skin won’t be left hanging in saggy pockets.

Of course, this sounds too good to be true. So are there any HCG drops side effects?

Well, as with any diet program, it makes sense to ask your physician before you start. Also it’s not wise for pregnant or breastfeeding women to start the HCG diet plan. It’s also worth noting that those who suffer from an overactive thyroid shouldn’t follow the program.

Menstruating women are advised either to skip their daily dose of HCG drops during menstruation (or time the 23-day plan around their monthly cycle) or be aware that there may be changes to their monthly flow.

Some HCG users have reported headaches during the 500-calorie phase of the diet, but these could be attributable to cutting sugars and starches out of the diet, rather than the 500-calorie plan itself. Other dieters report mood swings, but again this could be because of the change in daily diet rather than the HCG itself.

Also, we can’t stress enough the importance of buying a reputable product and sourcing an approved diet protocol. Check that you can see the ingredients label on your chosen brand of drops and that the formula actually contains HCG, amino acids and vitamins (you’ll also spot water and alcohol but these are to help HCG absorption into the bloodstream).

The HCG diet requires discipline, but it also gets results. Drops are an easy, convenient way of getting a daily dose of HCG without needing a prescription. If you want to lose weight and change your approach to the food you eat, HCG could be the ideal diet program for you.