HCG Weight Loss

At last, a diet where you can lose up to 1lb per day – and keep it off

The HCG diet (human chorionic gonadotropin) is pretty hot news in the weight-loss world right now. Daily talk shows (including Doctor Oz) have talked about this amazing diet plan – why? Because it can really help shift those stubborn pounds. Where other diets fail to target fat, hcg drops help your body to rethink your approach to eating.

How much weight can I lose on the HCG diet? Is it safe?

Taking HCG diet drops and following the strict diet protocol, you can actually lose significant, noticeable amounts of weight over the six or so weeks of the plan. Satisfied HCG dieters report losses of several pounds per week – a dramatic change. The HCG diet plan combines doses of hcg diet drops with a diet plan where you’re only allowed to consume 500 calories a day. That might sound extreme, but taking the hcg drops means you can embark on a restricted-calorie plan without your body shutting down.

The other significant factor about hcg diet drops is that you’ll lose fat rather than muscle. Crash-diet plans can be dangerous because they cause muscle loss, but real HCG drops will target your fat stores. These are the areas where hard-to-shift fat accumulates: the places on your body that cause you to lose dieting confidence when the pounds simply won’t shift.

How does hcg weight loss work? 

HCG is a naturally produced human hormone. It’s present in increased quantities in the bodies of pregnant women because it allows the mom-to-be to mobilize her fat stores to ensure that her growing fetus gets adequate nourishment. And this is how it works as a weight-loss facilitator: it tells your hypothalamus to access existing fat stores and use those for daily energy. You take pure HCG drops daily alongside a 500-calorie daily diet for 23 days (sometimes more, depending on the brand you choose). It’s tough to stick to a diet plan this strict, but the HCG drops stop your body from reacting badly to a lessening in daily calories because they train your brain to get body energy from your fat stores, therefore not leading to a loss in muscle or pockets of saggy skin.


This sounds tough, but worth it in the end. Do HCG dieters keep the weight off?


HCG diet drops provide those who want to lose weight with an effective method of shifting stubborn pounds and losing inches. Drops are a convenient method of taking HCG: you don’t need medical expertise or special apparatus to take them. But the future impact of the HCG diet might be its most effective element: following a 500-calorie diet plan (and immediately after this cutting out sugars and starches from your diet for a further three weeks) re-educates you about adequate portion size, and helps you beat cravings for high-sugar processed foods, setting you on a path to sensible, successful eating that you can follow for the rest of your life.


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