What is HCG?

So much has been written about the HCG diet, discussing its effectiveness, its controversially low calorific intake and the extraordinary levels of weight that can be lost on it. While you will read many testimonials from those who have successfully shed the pounds after following the HCG diet, it’s also important to find out a bit more about what HCG actually is and does.


At the heart of the HCG weight loss diet is HCG itself: human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone produced naturally by our bodies but on the HCG diet it works to change and curb our hunger patterns.


HCG has many functions but its powers in this diet are perhaps most closely related to its occurrence during pregnancy. HCG is present in pregnant women – actually, it’s the hormone detected by pregnancy tests – and is vital to mothers-to-be because it helps the body mobilise fat and make it available to be used as energy for mum and growing baby.


The HCG diet harnesses this power. A combination of small doses of the hormone each day and a strict, very low calorie diet can lead to noticeable, dramatic, sustainable weight loss. A crash diet alone would cause you to drop the pounds, but this could also lead to a dangerous loss in muscle. The HCG diet facilitates rapid fat-burning in certain fat storage areas because it activates the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls hunger and body temperature, among other processes) into releasing abnormal fat reserves. Your body then uses these fat reserves for energy and nourishment.


So yes, you’re eating a lot less than you’re used to, but the extra HCG your body receives is also telling your brain to use up those fat reserves. That’ll be the same fat reserves ignored by traditional dieting – the “hard to shift” areas that can knock your dieting confidence when they don’t deplete, despite your best weight-loss efforts.


Basically, it’s the HCG that allows you to live a normal life despite the dramatic reduction in the calories youHCG EZ DROPS consume. If you take HCG alongside your normal diet, you probably won’t see any change. The HCG and low-cal combination brings about the weight loss.


The low-calorie phase of the HCG diet also re-educates your brain regarding portion control. So many of us become frustrated with dieting because we simply aren’t used to regulating the amount of food we consume. But having followed the strictly limited HCG diet, when you return to “normal eating”, you’ll find that your attitude to acceptable portion size may well have changed.


You can take HCG in many ways, but perhaps the most widely used method is oral drops. Drops are widely available, convenient and easy to take. Make sure you can see the ingredients before you buy your drops: look for amino acids (maybe L-Carnitine, L-Ornithin and Beta Alanine, among others) alongside vitamins, nutrients and water (to help absorption of the drops in your bloodstream).


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